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Garena League of Legends Withdraws Tournament LGBT Restrictions

Garena has removed its restrictions on the number of lesbian, gay and transgender women who can compete in its recently announced Iron Solari League of Legends all-women tournament.

The withdraw took place following a backlash from the community which made itself heard on the discriminatory policies announced by Garena. The actions caused Riot Games itself to step in and who today made an official statement, saying that LGBT players are welcome at all official LoL tournaments. “We’re working with partners to ensure consistency with our values across all regions.”

As for Garena itself, an official representative posted an apology today “for any offense caused to the LGBT and gaming communities.” The statement further said that the decision to lift the restrictions was taken after talking with its partners and “re-examining our approach.” In other words, Riot Games wasn’t too pleased with what Garena was doing.

Before this, the tournament was restricting teams to having just one gay or transgender woman for the entire tournament. According to Garena, the cap was because some players “may probably have some unfair advantage.” Anyone going against this cap would face up to a year of ban-time in all official Garena sponsored tournaments.

Gaming tournaments are usually horded by male gamers. It’s refreshing to see League of Legends focus on the other sex and further expand its boundaries.

Source Garena