Evolve’s Live Action Trailer Has Teens Running in the Woods

The latest promotional video for Evolve is in the shape of a two-minute long live action trailer, released today by 2K Games.

The trailer tries to relay the core atmosphere of the game by having a bunch of teens run around in the woods in search of their target.

In Evolve, four players drop down as hunters, while the fifth takes control of the monster they are in pursuit of. The objective is simple. The hunters need to take the monster down, while the monster needs to stay away for a period after which it gains strength and levels up into a more dangerous entity. As hunters, it’s up to you to let it be for an enjoyable hunt or pursue and take it down quickly.

Evolve is due for release on February 10 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Everyone who has participated in the previous beta testings would be in wait for this release. Thankfully that release day is just around the corner.

We are currently running an Evolve Giveaway, where you can snatch a free copy on the platform of your choice. You have until February 15 to enroll yourself through three simple steps.