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Destiny’s House of Wolves Leak and Bungie’s Comment

Destiny fans recently faced Crota and came back in one piece from The Dark Below. Their next challenge will take them to the House of Wolves but what can we expect from this new adventure isn’t revealed.

One Destiny player dug-up some information about the upcoming expansion and posted it on Reddit. If the information is to be believed, the House of Wolves will come out sometime in May. That’s not all, the information also suggests that the level cap will be raised to 39.

The user posted a few screenshots (seen below) which became the source of this information. Not all of them are in english but they seem to be  from the PS4 version.

There are a ton of new weapons,gear and armour to be added via the House of Wolves. However, due to the language being different, it hard to know more about these items.

Moreover, the leak suggests:

  • New Awoken storyline plus an exclusive Raid
  • Three new Crucible maps and a new Fallen Strike
  • Hundreds of new weapons, armor and gear

The user never mentioned how he got hold of this information but Bungie confirmed that this was indeed from Destiny. However, all we know about House of Wolves is subject to change. Bungie is yet to reveal anything about the expansion and stated that “what you see here are very old ghosts from our pre-launch database.”

Speaking about the leaked weapons and gear, community manager David Dague said:

“Any stats or assumptions about power or impact or handsomeness are months old, and do not reflect the things that we’re doing to adapt to what you’ve taught us about Destiny. There is a process here, and you’re a part of it.”

Even though the leak suggests the expansion will come out in May, we can’t see anything related to that in the images. How this reddit users came-up with this assumption is anybody’s guess.

As Bungie said, the information is from older database so things could be a lot different in the final build.