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Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Track Playthrough Time Beyond 100 Hours

A director of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Koh Kojima, clarified some ambiguities regarding the game’s playthrough time, especially after Executive Director Tetsuya Takashi stated that a recent playthrough took more than 300 hours.

Those who have played the Japanese version of the original Xenoblade Chronicles might know that the game couldn’t track playthrough time over 100 hours. Speaking of this, Kojima took to Twitter to discuss the issue at hand:

As always, thank you to the users for their support. I’m Xenoblade Chronicles X’s director, Kojima. The embargo on a lot of information pertaining to the game has been lifted, so I will be talking about it here.

Speaking of playthrough time, he stated that no matter how long a player played the game, Xenoblade Chronicles would always be completed in 99 hours and 59 minutes:

First of all, as a greeting, I’ll talk about the game’s playtime display. There was talk about how, no matter how long you played, Xenoblade Chronicles would be completed in 99 hours and 59 minutes. And so, we’ve changed that this time around.

With that being said, it appears like Monolith is looking forward to avoid this issue altogether. He’s essentially referring to a Famitsu interview in which Executive Director Tetsuya Takashi shared his playthrough time of over 300 hours:

In the Famitsu interview a few days ago, Takahashi mentioned the time of ‘300 hours’ and of course the playtime will be properly displayed [this time around]. Of course, we’ve made it so there will be no problems even if you play beyond that amount of time.

In related Xenoblade Chronicles X news, the developer has announced a special stream which is scheduled to go live on Feb. 6, 2015 where the developer will share more insight about the game.

Translation Credits: Siliconera.