WWE Immortals BTS Video Shows Signature Moves Motion Capture and More

Back in December 2014 it was announced that NetherRealms was working on WWE Immortals, a fighting game based on the wrestling legends that comes with a twist of super-human abilities.

If you have not played the game so far, the behind the scenes video that we have embedded above will tell you a lot about what it has to offer.

In this developer diary video you get to listen to the game producer Fuzzy Gerdes, Director of Art Steve Beran and Senior Designer JJ Williams talk about the making of the game.

They discuss how the special moves of superstars from the WWE were blended with special abilities to match the re-imagined fantasy universe of WWE. You also get to see how they used motion capture to replicate the signature moves of some of the wrestlers.

NetherRealms was not the only development studio that has worked on WWE Immortals, they were accompanied by Phosphor Game Studios too. The former being at the helm of Injustice Gods Among Us, this game has a lot of elements that have been borrowed from the famous fighting title.

Have you played the game so far? It is free to play if you wish to try it out!

WWE Immortals was officially released for Android and iOS platforms on January 15, 2015.