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The Walking Dead Season 5: Han Solo’s Voice Actor Playing Gay?

As we close in on the airing date of the second half of The Walking Dead Season 5, new bits of information have started pouring out like hoards of walkers.

You reading this is evidence enough that the first half of the season managed to hype it up a lot; but it looks like things are going to get hotter.

The first bit of news that we picked up some days ago was about the cast of the series. We know that the AMC’s show is going to introduce a number of new characters; but now we know who one of them is!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ross Marquand is going to become a part of The Walking Dead Season 5 somewhere in the last eight episodes. He was the same guy who voiced Han Solo in a Star Wars special episode of Phineas and Ferb.

Marquand has been making it to the small screen a lot lately with shows like mad Men and Conan; his most recent work in film includes roles he played in Sam & Amira and Down & Dangerous.

Obviously, they are keeping his character a secret for now; but we can of course speculate. Back in November Robert Kirkman had said that they will be introducing a gay character from the comics, and now there are rumors that Marquand might be Aaron form the edition #67.

based on the comics, he also ha a boyfriend named Eric and he belongs to the walled city Alexandria Safe-Zone. If they are also going to follow some of the events from the comics, Aaron might convince Rick to join them in the safe zone.

Now we know that all this purely based on speculation, but this might be revealing a lot about the future of The Walking Dead Season 5.

Do you think there could be any truth in all this?