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Treyarch Tease is About COD Zombies Discussion at DICE Summit, Probably

It has not been a long time since Advanced Warfare made it to the markets, but we know how the COD franchise is going to go in the future, and it means that another game is never too far away.

You might have heard that Treyarch, the studio that introduced Zombies to Call of Duty, were teasing something big in the coming days.

A couple of hours ago they used their well popularized Twitter profile to tease something for the coming days. The post was not too vague as it clearly mentioned their Wednesday presentation. Also, the hashtags of DICE and Zombies left little doubt that this has to do with the Call of Duty Zombies specifically.

Here’s the tweet in full:

Countdown to Zero Hour. Stay tuned for livestream info regarding Wednesday’s presentation. #DICE #Zombies.

Obviously, this leaves zero evidence suggesting that would even remotely connect it with Call of Duty World at War II i.e. a wishful thinking of many among us. It is also a bit too early for a new game announcement in the series; that would make more sense a couple of months later.

So with a very less probability of this being related to a new game, we took to the official website where we could find something on the DICE Summit schedule. It says there that Mark Lamia of Treyarch is going to hold a discussion on the development of Call of Duty Zombies.

While we think that primarily Lamia is going to be discussing the thing, he will also reveal what we didn’t know about the venture before. However, there still is a possibility that apart from the discussion, Treyarch is planning to announce some sort of a spin off.

Do you think this is a possibility? Or would you not settle for anything less than Call of Duty World at War II?