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Star Trek 3 Might Cast Bryan Cranston to be the Villain!

Oh wow! If my love for Breaking Bad is any evidence, Star Trek 3 might just be the hottest release for me! It looks like men behind the insanely famous franchise want good old Walter White to star as the villain.

After what they did with Star Trek Into the Darkness, I will seriously be glad if this is one of the steps they are taking to wash of the sins. Previously, the let go of Roberto Orci from the directorial role of the movie and also hired Simon Pegg for screenplay and writing.

Now, news have surfaced that the new villain might be none other than Bryan Cranston.

It is indeed a fact that all the commercials that Cranston did recently went down the drain; but that doesn’t change the respect he has earned before that. Imagine the menace that he can spread on the cinemas.

According to Film Divider, the writers of Star Trek 3 are actually building the antagonist’s character around Cranston. they also went on to say that Bryan has talked to Paramount himself in order to discuss taking up the role and about how the character is being moulded.

We are still to receive any word regarding the role being finalized; and that means an official acceptance thereof from Bryan Cranston too.

Obviously, none of this has been confirmed by any of the official sources and it comes right out of the rumor mill, which means that it would be wise to take in all the speculations with a proverbial grain of salt.

Star Trek 3 is also going to introduce three new female characters apart from the villain in question. I just hope that the film makers take wiser decisions about what they want to do with them this time around.

So tell us, does the idea of Bryan Cranston playing the bad guy in the upcoming movie make things intense for you?