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The Order 1886 Gets Interactive Website with Rewards

Ready at Dawn and Sony have been really creative with the way they have started to market The Order 1886 lately. For instance, they launched The Order Exposed, a supposed website run by a blogger who is investigating the secrets of The Order and the alternative history London – it was quite a mouthful in it self.

Now, they have launched a new interactive website with loads of information, video footages and story details relating to the game.

The best part of the website is that it takes you on an explorative journey by giving you a range of areas to look into and earn exclusive rewards as you progress. This is the message that pops up as soon as you crank up the website:

Explore the world of The Order: 1886 – Identify key characters, explore Victorian London and investigate the mystery of history’s darkest secret by unlocking content on the pinboard.

After you are done with this website, I am sure you would be well acquainted with the primary characters, the setting of the game and, in words of the developers getting to know “history’s darkest secret.”

As far as the rewards are concerned, you will get things like wallpapers (see the one above for an example), images, behind the scenes videos and more.

Oh and when you visit the homepage for the first time, do notice how the default year of birth at the age verification message is 1886.

The Order 1886 is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 and is being regarded as the single most important exclusive title for the console right now. It will hit shelves on February 20, 2015 worldwide.

Are you excited about the game? Will you be purchasing it?