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OlliOlli Releases in March for Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS

OlliOlli, the side-scrolling arcade skating game, has been confirmed for a release on the Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS in March.

According to Curve Digital, all three versions will launch in the same week, somewhere in mid-March. A concrete release date was however not mentioned.

“We’re really glad that Xbox and Nintendo players finally have a version of OlliOlli to call their own,” said Roll7’s Simon Bennett. “We’ve always seen OlliOlli as a game for everyone and with Curve’s versions, now it totally can be.”

Curve Digital also mentioned that the new versions will feature the previously offered four game modes, including RAD and Daily Grind.

OlliOlli is already available on the PS4, Vita and PC. It features over 250 challenges that are spread across 100 levels. A skating game cannot be complete without its bag of tricks and players will have access to more than 120 of them. Some though will require practice and skill in order to be performed right and on the fly.