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Nosgoth Downloaded 1 Million Times During First Week of Open Beta

Nosgoth entered open beta on January 22 and within its first week managed to record over one million downloads.

That probably doesn’t translate into one million players but a major feat nonetheless. Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix, was thrilled with the reception the game had gotten so far. “We’re grateful for the continued support from the players, some of whom have been with the game since the very beginning of closed Alpha over a year ago,” he said in a statement.

He promised that the team will continue to add new content and features, and improve on every aspect with the help of the community.

During this week, Nosgoth also received the new Summoner of Clan Melchahim, which gives players the ability to summon projectile-absorbing shields and unleash large long-range barrage attacks. It also has the ability to summon and command ghouls. You can find more information on the Summoner by heading to the official website.

In the coming months, expect the developer to add a Vampire city map, a new game mode, new skins for the characters, crafting, league rankings, trading, gifting, observer tools and a ton of more stuff.