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Minecraft Minecon 2015 Announced for July 4, Tickets in Feb

Alright Minecraft lovers, it looks like Minecon 2015 is going to be a real thing! While you might have hated the fact that Mojang dissed the event last year because they thought they might not be able to “follow through,” this year is going to be different!

The chief operating officer of Mojang, Vu Bui has finally unveiled the plans on the offcial website of the development studio saying that July 4 and 5 are the dates you should clear your calendars for.

If you like Minecraft, and you like people who like Minecraft, you’ll probably like MINECON. It’s THE place to see all the cool Mojangstas you fancy, meet people who love Minecraft maybe even as much as you do, and attend panels and events full of YouTube creators and a ton of other talented folks!

The venue is ExCeL London Exhibition and Conference Centre where as many as 10,000 fans of the game are going to gather up for two whole days of extravaganza.

Apart from having expected things like tournaments, contests, panels and events Bui says that you are also going to get “a soon-to-be-announced show-of-some-sort for our Saturday night bash.”

Tickets will be sold in two batches of 5000 each and you will be able to purchase yours (if you are lucky) sometime later this month i.e. February. This is the place you should keep checking out for the availability of tickets.

People who want to volunteer and become a much more integral part of Minecon 2015 can forward their requests to Mojang next week. As far as panel suggestions are concerned, you can submit your ideas by March.

Oh I am sensing a lot of excitement stirring up among the Minecraft community already! Minecon 2015 brings back the even after a long gap, are you excited?