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GTA Online, Social Club Down for Scheduled Maintenance: Rockstar

Doesn’t it suck when you are in the mood to play your favorite game and all of a sudden the servers go offline?

You would probably curse whoever was behind it before finding out who it really was, and it would be an unwelcome picture when you figure out that the game went down for scheduled maintenance at the hands of the developers.

That has happened before, but not with Rockstar Games; they make sure you are in on their plans, for instance the six hour long maintenance that GTA Online, other Rockstar games and the Social Club are going through as we speak.

This is what I love about Rockstar, they are probably the most organized of development studios that have also pulled off something as massive as Grand Theft Auto. Here’s the full announcement text straight from the support page of Rockstar Games:

We will be performing scheduled online service maintenance on Tuesday, February 3rd, starting at 12:00 AM ET and lasting for approximately 6 hours. The Social Club website and certain online features across most Rockstar games, including Grand Theft Auto Online, will be unavailable. and will remain up. Please stay tuned to this page, which will be updated when the maintenance is finished. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience.

At the time of this post, it is around 5:00AM ET which means that the major portion of the downtime is already spent. It is only the matter of one hour before you will be able to get back to the game you love.

Have you been playing GTA Online regularly until now? If you have, what could the game that can replace it in your opinion?