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Final Fantasy XIV Valentine’s Day Event Announced by Square Enix

It is a fact that the Final Fantasy series has always given importance to the romantic element; so when it comes to a day dedicated to romance, they are bound to do something special.

While I don’t think I would be really interested in online activities in relation to something like Valentine’s Day, Square Enix is giving that chance to anyone who would want to avail it.

A dedicated event has been announced for Final Fantasy XIV focusing on Lisette de Valentione.

Lisette de Valentione has once again ventured forth from Ishgard in hopes of lighting ardor and passion throughout Eorzea. Adventurers who would see her wishes come to fruition are encouraged to heed her call!

According to the official website of Final Fantasy XIV the event is going to last for two weeks starting today and ending on February 16.

To be exact, you have between Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 12:00AM PST to Monday, February 16, 2015 at 6:59AM PST to indulge in all the tender activities that look pink and smell of love.

The location of the quest is going to be Old Gridania – Lisette de Valentione, and it has also been announced “that seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded.”

Here are the event items that are up for grabs:

  • Paramour Barding – Chocobo Armor
  • Flame of Passion – Outdoor Lighting
  • Valentione’s Cake
  • Prismatic Heart (Left)
  • Prismatic Heart (Right)

Along with all the details, the developers have also shared a map of the exact location where you will need to be in order to take part in the quest. You can check it out below.

Final Fantasy XIV Valentines Day Map

So, are you going to be a part of the Valentine’s Day celebrations that Final Fantasy XIV is offering?