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Diablo III China Servers to Start Testing Later This Month

Great news for the Chinese fans of Diablo III! It looks like your very own servers for the game will start technical testing very soon!

We have picked up word over the internet that the fate of the dedicated servers for Mainland China will stop hanging in the middle as the issues that were holding them back from going live have now been fixed.

The delay was not due to Blizzard Entertainment of course. For a while now, the Chinese censor board has been a major hurdle in the way of Diablo III fans in the region who wanted to get their own servers.

Thankfully, NetEase, the game’s publisher for the region, has now announced that they have successfully satisfied the authorities on the matter. They also confirmed that interested parties are going to be able to try out the technical testing as soon as the Lunar New Year kicks in.

For those of you who don’t know when that is, you are looking at a two weeks’ wait since the Lunar New Year is on Thursday, February 19.

All the trouble that the publishers have gone through in order to bring on the servers must have been at a cost, so it got me wondering.

So far, we don’t know what changes have been made and whether anything major has been cut out of the game. However, a NetEase executive has claimed that the game was still acceptable after the graphical changes.

Apparently, fans of Diablo III in China are also in for some surprises; obviously it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had revealed what it was, so it is up to you to guess what the developers have up their sleeves.

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