Street Fighter V Video Shows Chun-Li vs. Ryu from Taipei Game Show

Fans of Street Fighter V have been yearning to know more about the game and what would be a better way to do that than pitting Chun-Li against Ryu at the Taipei Game Show?

That is exactly what Capcom did and the video above shows you how it all went down. Ryu is being played by Daigo while GamerBee controls Chun-Li.

Now we understand that many of the fans wish they could feel the visual upgradation over Street Fighter IV when it came to Street Fighter V.

From what we have seen so far, there is but little change in how the game looks like – and the video above is just another example of that.

However, it is very important to note that only a little over a month ago we were told that just 20 percent of the game had been completed so far. This surely means that the good parts are still to come – those will hopefully involve better visuals.

Check out the video above and tell us what did you like the most about it so far.

Street Fighter V is being developed as a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive, it does not have an official release date but Capcom is expected to release it this year.