Sega Officially Announces Luigi’s Mansion Arcade

By   /   Feb 2, 2015

Sega has officially announced Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, a third-party endeavor that sees Capcom’s take on the Nintendo IP.

Based on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the arcade title has players ridding ghosts using a vacuum-shaped device from a first-person perspective. Before taking on the supernatural though, players will go through a tutorial with Professor E Gadd. Following that, players can expect to return to familiar locations in order to vanquish evil spirits.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 is yet another example of how Nintendo is expanding its borders and prepared to work with third parties in order to deliver a Nintendo-themed arcade experience.

Recently, we saw the announcement of Pokemon Tournament from Namco Bandai, an arcade fighter featuring Pokemon characters.

There’s still no information on a western release. Seeing how the arcade circle is weaker outside of Japan, it’s likely that the west will not see these titles come forth any time soon.

via Nintendo Life

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