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Raptr was Hacked, Your Account Might be Compromised!

Have you been using Raptr, the online gaming platform and social networking website? If you have, this is something you should not miss out on. Your account credentials might have been hacked!

According to an email sent by Dennis Fong, the founder and chief executive officer of Raptr, a hacker group accessed some sensitive information relating to an unknown number of users.

It looks like the fun they had with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network was not enough.

Maintaining the highest level of security around your Raptr account information is of the utmost importance to us, so we’re very sorry to inform you that some Raptr user data may have been recently compromised in an attack similar to hacking activities that have targeted other high-profile sites and services such as Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Fong has also shared the type of details that are expected to have been hacked into. It appears that some of the first and last names, email addresses, user names and of course password hashes might have been compromised.

With that being said, you don’t need to worry about your hard earned Raptr Reward Points because they are secured being a two factor system of authentication; that is even if the rest of your account was hacked into.

So as a result, they are requesting to each and every user that they change their login details for every place where their usernames and passwords are the same as this one.

Needless to say, your new password should be totally different and much more complex than the last one.

Do you think you were affected by Raptr being hacked? If so, do you think you might have lost anything valuable?