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Platinum Games Releases 8-Bit Bayonetta for Free

8-Bit Bayonetta is a new entry in the series by Platinum Games and as the name suggests, features 8-Bit visuals.

The game runs in your browser and is available for free. The controls and objectives are fairly simple. Using simplistic directional controls, players must take down never ending waves of enemies that will approach you from the side of the screen.

An additional feature allows you to tweet your high score for your friends and everyone else to see. It’s a wonder that Platinum Games didn’t decide to release the game on Android and iOS.

Press ‘Space’ to have your character jump, while pressing ‘Enter’ will shoot projectiles. You can also perform a double jump, which is pretty necessary to take down flying enemies. You can also choose to play using the arrow keys. You only have one life, so make it count.