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Lords of the Fallen DLC Ancient Labyrinth Delayed Until Next Patch

We reported back in December that the Lords of the Fallen sequel was already in the making at CI Games. We had also reported alongside that the Ancient Labyrinth DLC was also scheduled to be released in January.

That is not the case any more, as it is already February and the downloadable content pack has still not been released. The Polish videogame developer commented on the matter couple of days ago and stated that they will now be releasing the content pack with the next game patch.

The official Twitter profile of Lords of the Fallen first stated that “we were supposed to release Ancient Labyrinth in January along with the patch. We don’t want to release the DLC without fixes.”

When they were asked today about the release of the pack, they said that it had been “postponed and it will be released along with the next patch.”

In another tweet on the developer’s official Twitter profile they said that it will “probably” get released in this month.

The game is also being developed for iOS and Android platforms as announced by the developers back in December. However, we are still wondering how they are going to fit in such a game into a smartphone. The game is slated for release this year though.

According to the details that have been shared so far, the Ancient Labyrinth DLC is going to focus more on puzzle solving activities with The Library. It is also going t bring in new exploration activities and enemies.

The new puzzle based mechanic is also going to come with new weapons and armor choices.

Have you been playing Lords of the Fallen? Are you going to get the first expansion when it releases?