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You Get a Crystal Studded 20th Anniversary PS4 for $3000

Yes, you read that right. Someone actually paid tons of money to acquire a console as rare and unique as the 20th Anniversary PS4 and then went on to customize it with fake crystals.

It would still have made a little sense if the person had done it for their personal use; but as it turns out they actually did all this only to sell the console on eBay.

You can check out the listing here. It is being bid at $1200 (£800) right now and the seller is asking for $3000 (£2000) for the buy it now price.

As you can see in the images above, it has been filled with “swarovski” on the smaller side of the console – I can’t say I like what they have done to the thing.

The buyer has also put in others details regarding the 20th Anniversary PS4 like the unique console numbers that were allotted to each one of these rare machines. This one is number 11016 of 12,300.

Unique console Number 11016 of 12,300 and hand customised on the smaller side with thousands of Swarovski crystals in black diamond (grey) and playstation logo colours leaving the unique embossed side clear.

The pictures don’t do this much justice, it’s STUNNING to look at, very sleek and would be an amazing show piece as well as useable and totally functional console unit for anyone looking for a completely unique piece of playstation history or an amazing gift!

Alongside the console, you are also going to get a “1994 Swarovski beanie” which has the year of the first PlayStation being launched written in the same crystals on it.

You also get all the accessories that came with the console when it was launched by Sony.

So, will you want something like that? I won’t.

Thanks, Kotaku UK.