Bravely Second Villains, Classes, Edea Shown in Trailer

Even if you have your hands full with other role playing games, there is always time for a JRPG – especially if it is Bravely Second that you are talking about.

Needless to say, that would require the game to be localized in the western markets alongside the scheduled release in Japan; but hey, who is stopping us from wishing!

So, proponents of that point of view would certainly want to know more about the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Bravely Second and everything that it will pack.

How about a brand new trailer that shows off things like the numerous classes, some of the villains as well as our very own Edea? That is exactly what we have at hand if you take time out to see the embedded video above!

Sadly, the trailer is in Japanese (what else did you expect) but it will leave thee fans with things to relate with. You get to see how Edea looks this time and also some of her combat sequences.

Bravely Second is being developed for Nintendo 3DS and it is scheduled for a release on April 23, 2015 in Japan alone – we just hope Square Enix will rethink that last part.