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Bloodborne: First 18 Minutes Released for Your Pleasure

The first eighteen minutes of Bloodborne have been released for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of IGN.

There are no added narrations, and you’re left with a straight play-through from the beginning. Note though that the footage is from an earlier build. It’s possible for you to come across some oddities during your viewing. If you do then don’t fret. The game is still in development and the final product will be refined.

2015 has seen to plenty of gameplay footage being released for the public. A couple of days ago, we came across the demonstration from the Taipei Game Show 2015, which showcased the new long-barreled rifle weapon, traps, and a boss fight.

Bloodborne is due for release on March 24 in North America and a day later in Europe exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Sony has confirmed that its release in Europe will be accompanied by a Bloodborne PlayStation 4 bundle that will feature a 500GB console, DualShock 4 Controller, and a copy of Bloodborne itself. You can pre-order the bundle right now from any major retailer in the region.

Bloodborne is looking like a strong contender for the top games 2015 has to offer. The game has been promised to offer the same experience and value as the other Souls games. In fact according to the publisher, Bloodborne’s main adventure is comparable to the Souls games in scope.

Source IGN