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$1M League of Legends Prize Announced by Vulcun

A $1 million prize pool has been announced by for fantasy sports tournament of League of Legends. The free-to-play game that supports micro-transactions, is considered very suitable for competitive gaming.

Vulcun’s fan offering is similar to the 2013 prize for the regional competitions in China, Korea and Taiwan. However, the 2014 grand prize saw the fourth largest in esports history, equating to $2.3 million.

However, the first tournament for League of Legends was the 2010 World Cyber Games in Los Angeles which saw a prize of $7,000.

Vulcun allows fans to assemble teams of their chosen e-sports players and bet money – yes, real money – on the games. If the players they choose achieve well and win games in the Championship Season, then fans will reap the rewards.

Published in 2009 by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows, League of Legends, is a multiplayer online battle arena video game.

Players choose their ‘champion’ and enter the battlefield against other players and artificially controlled enemies. The rather unique take on popular MMORPG genres, the arena gameplay reacts to the goals of destroying sections of each other’s base before reaching and destroying the nexus.

Receiving good reviews at launch, it was praised for its subtle beginnings where each champion begins at low levels, allowing each game to develop without over-powered and high levelled characters in the initial experience (yes, like many other MOBAs).

It received a number of awards including IGN PC Best Strategy of 2009, Gamespy Gamers’ Choice Awards 2009 and two Golden Joystick Awards. Today, it is still boasting a large fan-base and an ever growing competitive esport community.