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League of Legends to Expand on Behavioral Rewards

The League of Legends community can expect new rewards in the future for good behavior, Riot Games has said. Last month many players were rewarded with a free mystery gift in-game.

Behavioral rewards was something that the developer had been planning for a long time now. It was finally implemented in the start of the year. Riot Games however has no plans to just stop there, and will be working on expanding this concept.

Posting on the official website, RiotLyte said that the plan is to carve out a delicate balance between giving players an incentive to be nice, while also not enforcing the idea of being nice for a specific period.

“Introducing surprise rewards unrelated to specific activities or durations is one of the most effective ways to encourage positive player behavior. The surprise element is crucial: imagine an achievement system where, if you are sportsmanlike for your next 10 games, you unlock a free skin.

Players could simply behave for 10 games, unlock their gift and go back to playing the same way they were before (whether that’s positive, negative or neutral). So, instead, we’ll continue to surprise players once in awhile for their positive behavior.

Because players aren’t sure what the next reward is (or when it is), players will strive to be sportsmanlike in a larger range of games to try to get all the surprises.”

Lyte also mentioned that not every reward will be in the shape of a mystery gift. New players could receive IP Boosts, while others may find themselves with unique summoner icons.