This Unreal Engine 4 Demo is So Realistic it Looks Unreal

Unreal Engine 4 is being used at game development all around us. With every other AAA game, this Epic Games’creation doesn’t fail to impress us; but trust me when I say you might have never seen something like this before.

We have seen battle sequences, one on one combats, amazing fictional environments and a lot more being created by the UE4, but this demo makes use of the engine’s power to recreate the insides of an apartment in Paris.

No guns, no action just an apartment where the point of focus are things like the curtains that sway with the wind and the rug on the floor that has nothing extraordinary but the fact that it looks as real as it can be.

This stuff is really, “unreal.”

You can check out the Unreal Engine 4 demo above and see for yourself why people are praising what it has pulled off.

With all that stuff going on, the video runs at 25FPS and 720p, but it is still awesome! While having something like this running at 60FPS these days is asking a bit too much, but I am sure the future holds this and even better visuals for us.

So yes, that is what we are aiming at in game development’s future.