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Having Troubles Downloading Dying Light From PSN? Try These Workarounds

Dying Light

Just a few days ago, we reported pre-load related issues with Grim Fandango on Playstation 4. Now once again, Sony fans are unable to download the recently released Dying Light from PS Store.

Fans have been reporting download issues with Dying Light over the Internet. For some users, download fails while for others the game is shown as downloaded, but it isn’t. Dying Light gets added to the library, but never runs because of incomplete download.

The problem was acknowledged by the European PlayStation Twitter Feed who also posted a workaround which is pretty simple:

First off, you’ll have to visit the Settings on your PS4. Select PSN and scroll down to Restore Licenses.

After you’ve restored the licenses, head back to the library and you should now see a download option. If all goes well, the download will start.

It’s nice of Sony to offer a workaround, but why are we facing these issues to begin with? Secondly, the above mentioned workaround isn’t working for some. As soon as they select Restore Licenses, it shows error code CE-30002-5.

Well after a bit of digging around, I came across two possible ways to fix this, if Sony’s brilliantly thought and tested out workaround isn’t working:

First one is to remove the partial download from your queue and re-download the whole thing from the start. Second one is to log-in to SEN using your PC or mobile device and add the game to PS4’s download queue from there.

If you’re having issues with Dying Light, try out the said workarounds and let us know how it goes in the comments.