Blizzard Will Keep On Adding Content To Heroes of the Storm Until They Get ‘Sick of It’

Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm currently has around 33 heroes. These heroes are from various Blizzard games including World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft and all the action that goes down in NEXUS.

33 Heroes seem like enough, but Blizzard plans to keep adding new heroes, maps and other content for a while. The revelation was made by director Dustin Browder who stated Blizzard will introduce new heroes until they get “sick of it.”

We’re just going to keep adding heroes forever until we get sick of it and stop at this point,” Browder says. There’s no secret number, and there’s no number that determines when we launch.

He further explained:

We’re gonna keep adding more, definitely the rate of growth on maps is not gonna slow or stop until we say so,” he said. “Until somebody tells us, ‘Dude, too many maps’ or whatever. We’re adding them as frequently as we can, and we’re going to keep adding them as frequently as we can, even after launch.

The plan is to keep expanding Heroes of the Storm even after release the same way they have in the beta. Players won’t be short of new and fresh content. It seems you won’t be able to complain about the lack of content in this one.

New modes will also be added later on along with new battlegrounds. According to Browder, the last thing Blizzard wants to do is make the game stale and repetitive. Their goal is to constantly evolve this title.