Westeroscraft has Taken 4yrs of Work by 125 Minecraft Fans

If you wish to know what a group of devoted people can achieve if they put their minds and hearts to it, you will have to go no further than Westeroscraft – a Minecraft mod that will have the whole world of Game of Thrones in it, all of it!

For four years, a group of one hundred and twenty five (damn!) people have been working or this one objective. They are led by Jacob Granberry who is now confident that they have attained around 70 percent completion; and he added:

We’ve developed a custom launcher for the game that comes packed with our WesterosBlocks mod which includes over 50 new custom blocks and textures specifically made for our server. So, we completely repainted our map with new textures, and some of our old builds we are building over bigger, better, and more realistic. That Kings Landing render from a few years ago? Yea, we are remaking that entire city again.

Words are all good but nothing gives you a better idea of a game or a mod than a video. So the team behind Westeroscraft have also released a new video – not the one they shared long ago showcasing King’s Landing.

We have embedded the video above for your viewing pleasure, check it out and tell us what you think this mammoth of an effort. Will you like to play Westeroscraft?