Quantic Dream New Website Shares The Dark Sorcerer Videos and More

Quantic Dream has done some really amazing work on The Dark Sorcerer PS4 tech demo, Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain – I’ll say that despite the fact that I am not a very big fan of Beyond Two Souls.

So naturally, one would want to know what was next on their to do list. While they are not ready to share anything on their future project just yet, the developers have shared some videos showing off their past work – essentially relating to the three mentioned above.

The French development studio has launched a new website recently, and parallel to that they have shared three videos. The first one is about the making of The Dark Sorcerer which is really the most interesting of them all.

As you can see above, it shows off the PS4 tech demo. It is just a couple of minutes long but you get a lot of insight into the process they go through for making such a thing.

Then there are two behind the scenes/making of videos for Beyond Two Souls; the first one revolves around the story element of the game while the other features the writing and directing aspects. Lastly there is a new video of Heavy Rain which is pretty detailed and shows off the creation of emotions.

I am sure fans of Quantic Dream will love them.