Nintendo Creators Program Officially Launched for YouTube

How would you like to be a business partner with Nintendo? Well it is officially called a YouTube affiliate and you are really sharing the advertisements – but it is still equivalent to doing business with them. Any how, the company has announced their Nintendo Creators Program for those who are interested.

In the simplest of words, it is an official program where you get to earn while Nintendo gets to advertize on YouTube like many other companies. The official website of Nintendo has a page dedicated to the Nintendo Creators Program where they have explained the service and answered some of the basic questions.

Through this program, the YouTube affiliates of Nintendo will be given a portion of the earnings that Nintendo makes from their company related content on YouTube:

In the past, advertising proceeds that could be received for videos that included Nintendo-copyrighted content (such as gameplay videos) went to Nintendo, according to YouTube rules. Now, through this service, Nintendo will send you a share of these advertising proceeds for any YouTube videos or channels containing Nintendo-copyrighted content that you register.

They have listed a number of other details like the basic requirements – essentially Google and PayPal account – you should meet, the process of registration, a set of rules and regulations that are to be followed and more.

For instance, while choosing channels and videos they say you must use the ones that “contain copyrighted content related to game titles specified by Nintendo.” Also, the content will have to be user generated only and not something copyrighted.

The revenue sharing percentages of the advertisements have been set at 70% for channels and 60% for videos.

Will you be interested in becoming a member of the Nintendo Creators Program?