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First Person Lover, An Online Fashion Experience Is Now Available On PC & Mac

I have seen plenty of unorthodox games for as long I’ve been a gamer! Sometimes, these unusual concepts manage to provide us with memorable experiences, but sometimes they fail miserably.

First Person Lover is a game which manages to give an experience you’ll never forget. However, not in a way you might be thinking. The game leaves an imprint on your brain; the stupidity of its concept will haunt you for years.

I don’t think we should call it a game because games are amazing works of art with years of hard work and passion behind them. First Person Lover is more like a marketing Campaign for Björn Borg brand – a brand which is named after the popular tennis player of the same name.

They are calling it “an online fashion game experience” built using the popular Unity Engine. The concept of the game is simple; liberate the humanity by removing everyone’s cloths. In the game, you’re a top secret love agent dressed in Björn Borg attire. You can also customize your character using a variety of Björn Borg’s top of the line sportswear.

Apparently, hate is being spread in the world through a large-scale conspiracy. Your goal is to battle hate using a number of powerful weapons, such as, believe it or not, a Kiss Gun for maximum love spreading in addition to Rainbow Cross Bow, Petal Shotgun and Bubble Blaster. And the most effective weapon of all is a Teddy Grenade.

Shooting at people until they are naked is the game’s way of getting rid of all the hate. After this, shoot them with a love beam and voila! They are dressed in Björn Borg and the day is saved.

The title is available to play for free, if you follow the link here and is available for PC and Mac platforms.