Evolve Hunters Quest App is a Puzzle & Dragons Clone of Sorts

We are all pretty excited about Evolve and it impeding release; but that game is hitting the shelves for consoles and PC. This means it is missing out on the multi-billion dollar market of mobiles – don’t you think that is a big space to leave empty?

Apparently, 2K Games does think so. They have released a companion app for the game called Evolve Hunters Quest for iOS, Android, Windows as well as Amazon Fire.

It is a match-3 free to play puzzle based combat game that you will be able to see in action in the launch trailer above.

In Evolve Hunters Quest, you match three similar objects to power up your hunters and strengthen the attacks being made on the enemies. The more you score, the greater the chances will be for your Hunters to fill the energy bars and hence use special abilities. Hunter progression will also be a part of the game, depending on the collection of Mastery Points.

Did you notice some similarities? It is, in its own way, a clone of Puzzle & Dragons – the famed game by GungHo Entertainment.

Check out the video above and tell us if you will be interested in downloading Evolve Hunters Quest – it is free after all.