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The Elder Scrolls Online: New Collection Window Will Free Up Inventory Space

The upcoming Update 6 for The Elder Scrolls Online is going to change a few things about the game’s current inventory system, making it more efficient and spacious.

A brand new ‘collection screen’ is going to be added to the game, which will hold all of your mounts, pets, and costumes. Any of the following that you come across will automatically be added to that specific window, leaving your bags with free space.

Those items that you have yet to be obtained will also be shown in this window but will be grayed out. They however will have tool-tips advising you on how to unlock them.

The new changes are also going to affect how mounts work. Skills learned at stables will no longer be locked to a single mount and instead will be usable with all of your mounts. This means that you can switch your mounts while keeping abilities like improved riding speeds and carrying capacities.

The idea is similar to how World of Warcraft brought up their Collection window, some expansion packs ago. It helped keep our bags free of all that junk, and lessen the frequent trips to the bank vaults in order to free up space.

You can read more on the changes coming with Update 6 by heading to The Elder Scrolls Online blog.