Divinity: Original Sin’s Update Brings Cloud Saves and 3DSMax Exporter for Modders

The first update in the year for Divinity: Original Sin brings plenty of game balances and fixes to bugs. However, the better highlight of the update is the addition of cloud saves and modding support.

Larian Studios’ fantasy RPG now allows players to upload their save files on to the cloud. Note that your current and old save files will not be transferred over automatically, at least not yet.

To do so, you’ll have to load the games and save them again to ensure a copy is saved on the new cloud system. Furthermore, the game will remove older saves from the cloud automatically when you have run into the max amount of cloud save data.

The modding community would be thrilled to know that the new update adds a 3DSMax exporter that allows you to import custom animations and models into your game.

In terms of bug fixes, the developer has squashed quite a few that have been reported frequently by players. The issue of characters getting stuck in skill preview mode after spamming keys when leaving a dialog has been taken care of.

Zandalor is no longer interruptible. Homestead room-opening issue has been fixed. The Bairdotr party size problem is gone and now allows you to recruit a fourth member. Kickstarter pet black spider should now be the black spider model instead of fleshy spider.

In terms of balance changes, the Crab Summoner in Black Cover now hits harder. The Chimaera in Cyseal has its script improved. Some pieces of armor have been toned down.

Similarly, some creatures had their Initiative scores all over the place. These numbers have been balanced out. Willpower and Bodybuilding have been rebalanced through the game.

You can read on the rest of the fixes, as well as balance changes by heading over to the Steam page.