Bungie to Fix Destiny Heavy Weapon Ammo Bug Next Month

Bungie in its weekly update has revealed that the team is working on to fix a bug that causes Destiny players to lose all of their heavy weapon ammo. The developers ensure that this fix will be made available by the end of next month.

Heavy weapon ammo in Destiny is shown as glowing purple color and can be used with the weapons like Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns. These bullets can be purchased from Gunsmith with the in-game currency or you can find them as loot.

The bug has been pretty serious and Bungie has been trying to figure out how to deal with it for quite some time now. This bug causes the players to lose all of their Heavy Ammo when playing PVE activities.

Sandbox engineer at Bungie, Jon Cable has identified the issue behind this bug and is working on a permanent fix.

The basic flaw here is an ordering problem. Our inventory system creates your weapons when your characters spawn. When that happens, it tries to restore the same fraction of ammo that you had when you died. The bug occurred because the weapon is created before capacity modifiers from armor perks are applied, so the persisted fraction yields fewer rounds.

In the same weekly update, it was also hinted that larger vaults might be added to the game in the near future.

Before anyone asks: We know you want more room in your Vaults for your favorite weapons. We know how much you want it. We want that for you. It’s a [thing] we’re talking about. New game features take time to build. Hang in there, and hope for the future.

You can read the whole thing on Bungie’s official website.