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Wii U Likely to Get Additional New Titles in 2015

Nintendo earlier released their financial report for the 2014 fiscal year, revealing that their flagship console, the Wii U, had sold 9 million units.

Following the release of their financial details, Japanese site Sankei gave additional insight as far as the Wii U’s future is concerned.

According to the site, Iwata has stated that Wii U is not over yet, and there are plans for additional exclusives for the console this year.

“Wii U is not over yet. I want to continue to build on playing on people’s high expectations [for the system].”

The titles will most likely be revealed during the E3 2015, so there are no exact timings, dates, or confirmed details of which games would make it to Nintendo’s console in the first place.

Despite hefty number of sales in the hand-held market with the 3DS, Nintendo has struggled with their Wii U platform. Due to relatively inferior hardware and software sales for the Wii U, big-budget franchises such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, and others have been reluctant to port versions for Nintendo’s flagship console.

Nevertheless, Wii U had a relatively good year with exclusives in 2014, and with Nintendo’s plans to add more games to the tally, one can expect a sway in priorities for massive developers in the near future.