Turtle Rock Addresses Evolve Balancing Concerns Raised in Beta

Turtle Rock’s multiplayer heavy title Evolve went into an open beta on Xbox One recently. Fans who participated raised a number of concerns, including the balance of power between monster and hunters.

Some players felt that hunters were overpowering the monster, while others stated that monster was unbeatable on occasion. This led Turtle Rock to come out address these concerns.

Co-founder Chris Ashton posted a lengthy explanation on official website, assuring fans about the balance of things in Evolve.

While fans claim that the game has balancing issues, Ashton states that Hunters only won just over 50% of matches during the beta.

We expected the balance to be good, but the numbers were closer than we thought. Hunters won the majority of rounds by a 1.5% margin – 51.5% of the time versus Monsters winning 48.5% of the time. That’s crazy-talk in any multiplayer game, much less one that is completely asymmetrical.

That validates our process and the team. We couldn’t be happier with those numbers.

According to Ashton, balancing was not an area of concern for the team at any point and they are happy with overall win-lose ratio from the beta.

To be honest, when we started making the game, we never really thought about – or worried about – the balance. That’s just part of the job. We’ve had to work through that with every game we’ve ever made. Our primary concern was always the fun factor. Making sure that the game was incredibly fun for both sides.

Have you played the game in beta? Do you think they managed to make it “incredibly fun for both sides”? Evolve hits PS4, Xbox One and PC early February.