Torchlight II Finally Heading to Mac on February 2nd

Players on Mac have been waiting for Torchlight II to arrive for years. The title was originally released on PC back in 2012. Yes! It’s been that long but the good news is, the game is finally complete.

According to developer Runic Games, the title is heading to Mac next week on February 2nd.

Since the announcement of a Mac version, the game went into development hell and many believed it will never see the light of day.

The last we heard of this title was back in August 2013, when developers released a statement saying they “encountered unexpected complexities.” It seems porting the game for Mac wasn’t a walk in the park for Runic.

It’s quite possible they’ll think twice before attempting to port another game to this platform.

Torchlight II is going to be available for Mac via Steam for around $15. It’s an action RPG which takes you to a fantasy world filled with bloodthirsty monsters, treasures and “sinister secrets.”

There are four classes in the game and players have the freedom to customize their character as they wish. Number of cosmetic items along with different looks are available to make each character unique.

Free multiplayer is also available and players can play Torchlight over the internet or through LAN. To know more about the game, visit the official website here.