Starbound Has Received a New Update After Almost a Year

At long last, Starbound has received a new update which changes and adds a ton of stuff to the game. The game has not received an update for almost a year; since March 2014 to be exact.

Overall combat of the game has been improved, new armor system along with the new weapon system has been implemented as well. Furthermore, a new playable race has been introduced.

That’s not all though, as the game has received multiple world types, survival has been overhauled, new barren plants have been added for large scale buildings, new ship AI and a few new upgrades for the ships have been added as well.

Basically, Starbound has received a total overhaul with this update and due to this reason, developers want the players to start the game once again and play with a new character.

Because of all these changes, we recommend that everyone start a new character. The game has changed so drastically that you’d miss out on most of the new content if you simply used an old character. As a result, the launcher will automatically rename your old data.

We may be releasing external tools in the next few weeks to import and convert these files to approximately equivalent characters, but unless and until then they will be unusable.

To find out what more changes and additions this update has brought to Starbound, check out the video attached above.

Via: PC Gamer