Satoru Iwata is Ill Again, Nintendo Investor Meeting Cancelled

Bad news folks! Satoru Iwata is not feeling well; and the situation is so bad that Nintendo had to call of their investor meeting which was supposed to be held today.

The news came in through David Gibson who tweeted that the head of Nintendo was in bad shape again. Iwata-san is down with fever and they are suspecting that he has caught influenza.

Here’s complete tweet:

Just announced Nintendo’s Iwata is ill with fever and suspected Influenza, results meeting cancelled today as a result.

Fans of all things Nintendo would remember the president of the company underwent an operation back in June last year and ever since then it was reported that he was gradually recovering.

We are not sure if his sickness this time is purely related to the weather changes or it has something to do with the aftershocks of the surgery that was performed. Let’s hope it is the former because that would be much easier to heal from.

With that being said, last time when Satoru Iwata was down, the devoted community of Nintendo had made a commendable gesture of support. Posters with get well soon cards were made by hundreds of gamers who came together for the cause.

One such endeavor was pretty well sought over at NeoGAF; fans discussed what they should do and came up with pretty awesome ideas.

They actually printed an image of the first computer that Satoru Iwata ever bought filled with wishes for a speedy recovery.

While we hope that things don’t get as serious as they were back then, do you think we should be doing something similar to show our support?