Project Scissors: NightCry Character Details, Meet Monica and Rooney

Project Scissors: NightCry has been getting a lot of attention since being brought to Kickstarter, and there are a lot of fans who are expecting that this would be the game to bring life back to the horror genre.

Developers have been revealing new details about the game at a steady pace, and today, they have unveiled a couple of major characters that will play a huge part in the game.

One of the characters is named as Monica Flores; she is a 21-year old student of Leonard Cosgrove’s course. She manages to attend the college by working part-time as a janitor and as a waitress. She is quite lively and likes to hang around with her friends.

However, she has some problems with the other character revealed, Rooney Simpson which is largely because of their opposite nature.

Rooney is the student in the same class, but she is rather introverted, very serious, and intelligent. Students make fun of her by calling her “glum and stale” but she understands that she doesn’t belong in the group.

Regarding the gameplay, it has been revealed that Project Scissors: NightCry will feature two modes – exploration and escape.

In the exploration mode, players will be free to roam around the cruise that the game is set in, and investigate different items and people.

However, the investigating will not be too simple as players will constantly be stalked by a “dark presence.” The escapes in the game will be from this dark presence, which means that the players will need to be on their toes all the time.

For more information on Project Scissors: NightCry, visit its Kickstarter page.