PlayStation Event Being Held in New York on Feb 13 – “New PlayStation Initiative” Coming

Attention all PlayStation fans out there!

Sony is holding a PlayStation Event on February 13, to “support the launch of a new PlayStation initiative.”

Sony sent out emails to all of the PlayStation MVPs and asked them to join them in New York for this internal event.

If you don’t know what are PlayStation MVPs, they are Sony’s top-tier consumers. Sony often invite MVPs to various internal events as a reward for their commitment and love for PlayStation.

If that wasn’t enough, MVPs are often provided with information early, related to upcoming Sony announcements. Well, good for them but to be honest, I do feel a bit disappointed. I’m a long time Sony fan and it hurts not be invited, guess I’ll just cry myself to sleep tonight.

The PlayStation Event in question is being held at the local Gotham Hall NY, between 3PM to 6PM.

If you’re invited, check your ID’s to make sure you’re 18 or above. That’s because the event is only accessible to people of that age group. Moreover, if you are 21 or above than Sony is also offering an open bar. No one can beat a PlayStation Party right?

The email mentions a “new Playstation Initiative.” ┬áNow the obvious question is, what initiative? There are plenty of speculations about this, some suggest this is related to Project Morpheus while others have their bets on PlayStation Vue.

If you ask me, my vote is for Project Morpheus. It’s about time Sony reveals a price point along with a release date don’t you think?