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Performance Patch In The Works for Dying Light

A performance patch is currently being developed for the PC version of Dying Light, developer Techland has announced.

The patch is aimed at fixing the frame rate issue that’s currently plaguing the game. In a statement released, the developer said that it is hard at work on the fix but unfortunately cannot give a concrete release date right now.

In the meantime Techland has advised all players to set their ‘View Distance’ to 50 percent to make things better.

In the meantime, there is a possible fix to the problem for at least some of you. Please make sure the the VIEW DISTANCE slider in MAIN MENU>OPTIONS>VIDEO is set to EXACTLY HALF. The half-point value is the default for HIGH QUALITY settings, anything above has little impact on visual quality while being extremely taxing for even top-notch hardware.

The short term-fix will work for only ‘some’ of the players.

Personally, I’ve yet to come across any one who has actually found things better by decreasing their View Distance. A friend I know who is playing the game on a GTX 970 is unable to see any difference after following Techland’s suggestion.

Dying Light was released earlier this week to a slew of performance issues. The game is pulled down with constant stuttering and insane frame rate drops, even on high-end systems.