New Hellblade Development Diary Explains Enemy Design and Environment

Developer Ninja Theory has released another one of its Development Diaries. This time, they guide us through the process of creating Hellblade’s environment and enemy design.

The latest video explains what approach they are taking to make and populate a AAA quality environment. Their goal is to create an indie game, which offers AAA level of quality in every aspect.

Tameem Antoniades states they are not competing on scale, so they will have to make Hellblade a unique experience, that requires unique approach to game development and problem solving.

“Hellblade has to be unique, something that you wouldn’t be getting in a big budget AAA experience. So our approach to make the game has to be different too.” Says Antoniades

“Props are repositioned, reformed and reused thought the environment” with different textures so they would naturally blend-in. When it comes to enemies, each of them normally has its own animation, accessories, textures and more “that are unique to that character.”

However, in Hellblade the enemies are humanoids and are all part of a “unified viking clan.” Brainstorming was done on paper to see how many variations can be achieved. Ideas was also sketched in 3D to get a better understanding of the design, accessories and armour etc.

On one occasion, they were able to create multiple variations from one enemy design in about a week. Just by changing the size, shape and using a variety of different accessories. Hellblade team is based on 13 people, this approach certainly saves a lot of time.

For more on Hellblade, check out the video above. Also, towards the end of the footage, Ninja Theory stated they are looking for a “talented and experienced” senior character artist to work on Hellblade.

So if you think you’re good enough, you can apply