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New Concept Art Released for Star Wars: Battlefront

A new piece of ‘stunning’ concept art has been released for Star Wars: Battlefront, courtesy of IGN.

The image features a pair of rebels bidding their time to flank a pair of Stormtroopers. The rebels here are depicted by a woman armed with a standard blaster and a man wielding a scoped rifle. The Stormtroopers on the other hand are focused on an unknown fight ahead, oblivious to the impending attack from behind. In front of them is a defeated AT-ST, while another is firing away.

Design Director Niklas Fegraeus stated that “the scale of our maps and modes offer a great variety” depending on the location. Additionally DICE is going to “specifically tailor certain maps to certain game modes,” which will strike nostalgia into players as they go through some of the most memorable Star Wars battles.

Fegraeus was also very confident that the game will “deliver a Star Wars experience that excites fans around the world.” The game without a doubt has garnered everyone’s attention, raising expectations even higher.

EA is expected to do a large reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront by Spring time. We won’t have to wait long to see what’s in store for us this holiday season.