Microsoft Reveals Its GDC 15 Sessions, Focus Will be on Cross-Platform Play

Game Developers Conference is coming up in March and you can expect all the major names in the gaming industry to be a part of it.

Microsoft however, does not want to wait for that long to reveal what it has in store for the fans, as it has posted the list of sessions that the company will be hosting at the event.

As you would have expected, most of these sessions are related to Windows 10 and its integration with Xbox Live. Furthermore, DirectX 12 will be discussed largely during the conference. Check out the full list of sessions posted below:

  • The Future of Gaming Across the Microsoft Ecosystem: Creating Games Across Devices
  • Beyond Binary Choices: How Players Engage with Morality
  • Designing Games for a Windows Core World
  • Developing Games for Windows 10
  • Better Power, Better Performance: Your Game on DirectX12
  • Gaming Consumer Experience on Windows 10
  • New Opportunities for Independent Developers
  • Developing with Xbox Live for Windows 10
  • Xbox Live Multiplayer: Introducing Services for Cross-Platform Matchmaking and Gameplay
  • Fable Legends: Cross-Device Gameplay with Xbox Live
  • Best Practices for Leveraging Cloud-Based User Stats and Achievements in Xbox Live
  • Distributing Games Across Microsoft‘s Phone, PC, and Xbox Marketplace
  • Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance
  • ENCORE: Better Power, Better Performance: Your Game on DirectX12
  • Sustained Gaming Performance in Multi-Core Mobile Devices
  • PC Games for Windows 10 (Presented by Microsoft)

Cross-play feature has been a major topic of discussion since its reveal at Microsoft Windows 10 event, and I hope that we will see more games supporting this feature at GDC.

What do you make of this line-up revealed by Microsoft? Are you excited to see what’s in store? Let us know!

Source: Microsoft News