Life is Strange Rewind Feature Detailed by Studio Co-Founder Jean-Maxime Morris

If you have played Dontnod’s Remember Me, you’ll be quite familiar with the Rewind feature of the game. If you have not, the feature was an integral part of Remember Me’s gameplay and allowed players to go back in time to relive certain memories to gather information. I believe a somewhat similar feature was also seen in the Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

The same element from Remember Me is being used by developer Dontnod, in the soon to be released Life is Strange. That’s because Dontnod feels that even though Remember Me didn’t sell as well as it should have, Rewind was an innovative and unique gameplay element.

Dontnod shared some fresh details about Rewind and how it will impact the overall experience. Co-founder Jean-Maxime Morris explained:

“When Max rewinds time, the whole world is rewound except her. This means she keeps her position, the objects she has in her inventory and any information she may have, effectively making her able to predict the future. So for instance she can talk to someone and then rewind the conversation to open new dialog branches and use the gained info to her advantage.”

Furthermore, these elements are going to be used in puzzle sections of the game, “but you can also use the rewind to test different choice outcomes before you make a final decision.”

Morris states that this shouldn’t be considered as a way to cheat the game, and it certainly doesn’t mean player’s choices don’t matter.

“because what you are rewinding is the short term consequences, but we will surprise you further down the line with unexpected long term ones.”

Let’s see how well this feature is implemented by Dontnod and will player reception be positive or not. The title comes out tomorrow, that’s January 30th and is going to be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.