League Of Legends Music Collection Vol. 1 Available For Free

League of Legends is not only known for its awesome gameplay, but is also quite famous for its music that the players have got accustomed to after hours and hours of playing.

From this day forwards, you will not have to play the game to listen to awesome music of the game, instead you can just download the tracks and make them a part of your music collection.

The Music of League of Legends Volume 1 features 15 tracks from the history of the game, and you can get your hands on all of them for free.

You can download it directly from game’s official website or you can download from Apple store or Google Play, whatever suits you better.

  • The album contains following tracks:
  • Demacia Rising
  • Tidecaller
  • Tiny Masterpiece of Evil
  • The Curse of the Sad Mummy
  • Quinn and Valor
  • Braum
  • Tales of the Rift
  • Lulu and Shaco’s Quirky Encounter
  • Freljord
  • Rise of the Ascended
  • Daylight’s End
  • Challengers
  • Get Jinxed
  • Super Galaxy Rumble
  • Reborn

If you are into League of Legends’ music, then don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on the 15 of the best tracks.