How to Play Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Ride of the Valkyries Music

Fighting zombies has always been done alongside loud rock music or even some funky tunes whether its in games or movies but the folks over at sledgehammer did something different this time.

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Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Ride of the Valkyries Music

There is a way to play classic music (Ride of the Valkyries to be precise) as the background music in the recently released Outbreak map of Advanced Warfare’s Exo Zombie mode.

To activate the music, players need to interact with certain objects on the map. Now these objects don’t stand out from rest of the backdrop which is why it can be difficult to find them. Thankfully this guide should be able to help pinpoint the location of them all.

The first object is a wrench stuck in a wall.

To access it, players need to follow the power cable from their initial spawn location, pass the decontamination unit and they will see the wrench sticking out of a white wall on the left side, slightly ahead of one of the Pack-a-Punch upgrade stations.

When players interact with it, they will hear a small click sound followed by a portion of the music. The second item to activate is through the main hub. Players need to immediately turn left from their initial spawn location to reach the main hub and then take the hallway on the left (Hallway B).

The first room on the right has an Exo ability upgrade station, a Pack-a-Punch upgrade station and an operating table with a small white bone saw on it. Interacting with the bone saw will play another small segment of the music.

The third and final item is in the Exo Room. Players need to pass through the main hub, in to Hallway A and then from there to Exo Room.

As they drop down to the Exo Room in front of the generator that unlocks the Exo Suits, with their backs turned to the generator, players need to turn right and move towards the slightly ajar door.

The door is being held by some sort of a table and on top of it would be small item. Interacting with this item completes the set and the classical tune starts playing (lasts for around 7 minutes).

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